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Started: 7/10/2011 7:48 AM
Moving 905 bus stop from Burger King to McDonalds
Hi Gary, It appears that we could better serve the public by moving the 905 to McDonald's Stop from Burger King Stop: 1) A bus stop at a major intersection and (before) the traffic light signals --155/5-- creates pull-in/pull-out delays, particularly during rush hour. At McDonald's, since it is(after) the major intersection and after the traffic light signals--155/5-- pull-ins and pull-outs delays would be virtually eliminated. 2) Our Shuttle Service would no longer have to turn left into the Burger King Lot, which has been putting our shuttle service in the same situation as the traffic at a major intersection (before) the traffic signals! 3) There is more safety provided for wheel chair access at McDonald's than at Burger King. This is because the Shuttle is able to move up much farther at the McDonald's Stop (a few feet more east of the Stop) in order to accommodate both the wheel-chair bound rider and the 'Heavies'--905/355-- pulling in and out with much more room (after) the traffic signals. In general, we should better serve the public in a much more quicker and safer way. Respectfully yours, Ron Broughton
Started: 1/20/2016 11:30 AM
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