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Started: 1/31/2011 11:06 PM
Your Online 'Suggestion Box'
Hi Gary, At last, able to connect from home. And now that connected, I am eager to say that your idea of receiving suggestions online is great in my opinion However, in addition to online suggestions--for employees that will not want to sit in front of a computer after a long day at work--what if we did two things: 1) Have a colorful, eye-catching box where employees could drop their "Suggestions" in. 2) change "Suggestion Box" to "New Ideas Box."(Not a complaint box) New Ideas Box seems to be a much more powerful, and modern and eye-catching terminology than the "rug-worn," and ancient terminology "Suggestion Box." Agree? Perhaps we could go so far as to include every department at CDTA and its divisions. So, Gary, with your on-line "suggestions box" has come another idea. Respectfully yours, Ron Broughton